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San Francisco

Rhythm and Listening Class for Salsa Dancers
New Workshop in San Francisco
with Ryan Mead
Tuesdays: 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Duniya Dance Studio (next to the Little Baobab) in SF
19th Street (b/n Mission and Capp)
San Francisco, CA
Contact InfoPhone: 301.775.6142
Email: ryanomead@gmail.com

Who said dance music was simplistic?

Salsa is sublimely danceable and yet incredibly complex. This class will isolate and explain many of the individual rhythms that make up salsa's polyrhythmic texture, including the clave, cascara, marcha, martillo, and campana. We will also listen to specific groups -- Charanga Habanera, Manolito, Maikel Blanco, Manolin, and others -- in order to understand the rhythms that make up their "sello" (signature sound), and how we can incorporate these into our dancing.

Ryan, a dancer and a musician, encourages students to understand rhythm both physically and mentally -- all of the material in the class will be paired with moves and movement to aid in feeling the rhythms with the body, as well as explained and written out so that the counts can be understood intellectually. This kind of approach benefits dancers of all levels, providing a clear and solid foundation for the beginner and deepening understanding and subtlety for even the most advanced dancer.

Classes will be held every Tuesday, February 5th - March 18th.
$70: Seven-week progressive series
$12: Drop-in

Please call or write to pre-register. Thanks!